A gentleman from the Ramblers Association stood up and talked about how the sale of forests can result in increased amount of fencing, which leads to the creation of kissing gates / stiles etc, all of which are 'pinch-points' - where increased frequency of footfall over a small area can turn the land into an impassable quagmire.

The National Ramblers Organisation has 5 steps it wants to see accomplished before any sell-off is agreed to.  These are:
1) Public access is maintained and enhanced;
2) Public rights of way and access land are properly managed;
3) No sale or transfer is completed until the purchaser has committed to preserving and maintaining access;
4) Where access is currently not secured in law, this is remedied through CROW Act dedication;
5) The local community is consulted and given the opportunity to play a full and active part in woodland management, including first-refusal on purchase.

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